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Feng Shui

What is?

 Feng Shui is a philosophy, art and a science, which study the relation between the environment and the people who live in, and how this relation has an impact in different aspects of people's lives.

The name Feng Shui was originate in China and literally translate to Wind and Water, which are the two strongest and most dynamic forces in our planet but also in constant balance.

A Universal Approach to Living

Although it was developed in China, feng shui is in fact the same knowledge that was applied by people in different traditional cultures all over the world throughout history. In modern times, we have grown apart from this simple, common sense approach to life; all our choices easily lead us astray.


Feng Shui

The Escence

Introduction to Feng Shui and explanation of how it works, separating reality from myth and misconceptions

Cost: $100

Home & Business

A functional design

Here we cover all aspects of a house or business design following the Natural Laws in contrast to architects criteria.

Cost: $150

Learn how to properly design a logo, flyer or any art representing an entity.

Cost: $125

 During centuries the original knowledge of Feng Shui has been getting mixed up with Chinese folklore and other believes, loosing it's true identity becoming a "New Age Fashion" which can solves people's problems with so called Feng Shui tools or gadgets. Our goal is to provide a true understanding of what Feng Shui really is, and how this knowledge can be use to improve different aspects of your life.

For those who are new into feng shui but specially for those who has some previous knowledge, we highly recommend you check the Book and Blog sections where you will find a lot of interesting information that will point you in the right direction. 


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