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Have you ever wonder why some businesses dont last long in some specific places? They either move out or go bankrupt, even if they are in the most popular mall...
Well... here we explain why that phenomena happens.

 In general people talk and think about Feng Shui as a new age fashion of how to bring prosperity and good fortune to your life with just arranging your living room and adding some feng shui artifacts for good luck. But thats not the true knowledge, here we part from the fact that forms defines energy, we analyze the patterns of nature and use then as reference to build something practical that nourish people's life. We say that the true feng shui knowledge has to make common sense, since is the sense that all human beings share.

In ancient times, people looked for a place to build their cities following some principles that leaded their designs to be functional and prosperous while living in harmony with nature. With time this knowledge was lost and people started to design with a different mind set, where the focus is to build something different from the rest and "beautiful" but not necessary practical.


Many so called "Feng Shui Masters" teach people how to arrange and decorate the house. But what about the house itself? The form of the structure and it's location? You can dress a monkey, but it still a monkey!


We developed this course for those who want to create practical place for the lives that will be affected by such. Here we explain more in depth what Feng Shui is, how it works and what is the impact on people's lives, but from a functional perspective focusing in house and business design. 

Large Modern House with Pool
Modern Apartment Block
Apartment Building
Bright Bedroom
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